Our Integration Platform of Choice: Niagara Framework


With over ten years experience with the R2 and AX platforms that operate on the Niagara framework, we have quickly become one of Australia’s largest Certified Systems Integrators (SI’s). We are confident that our ability as a “Flexible Open Minded” controls intergrator teamed with our leading edge Niagara framework product will allow us to deliver a superior outcome for your company.

VYKON Building, VYKON Energy, and VYKON Security enable facility managers, building owners, energy service companies, and systems integrators to integrate proprietary and otherwise incompatible products into a unified enterprise solution. This allows personnel using a standard web browser to measure, manage, and control a wide variety of facilities, energy, and security applications from anywhere in the world. VYKON solutions are available worldwide through a network of distributors, systems integrators, and value-added resellers.

Meeting the needs for a strategic, general purpose automation and information architecture built on open standards, Niagara is easily managed and controlled over the internet with a standard web browser and integrates diverse systems and devices into a unified platform - regardless of manufacture or communication platform.


By adopting the Niagara platform to develop internet-enabled equipment systems, smart devices and device-to-enterprise solutions, manufacturers are able to reduce development time and costs, build new service offerings and create new business opportunities.


The Niagara Framework is the foundation that makes buildings work and perform better. Niagara integrates, centralises, manages and controls today's diverse business systems such as temperature, humidity, ventilation,security and energy in any size building and environment.


Niagara is creating better buildings - ones that are smarter, use less energy, are more effecient, have lower operating costs, are safer and contribute to a sustainable environment.