Service and Support

  1. We perform scheduled service and maintenance activities and call out services for new and existing installations.
  2. Our maintenance and service is customized to suit individual client needs.
  3. We offer expert preventive maintenance and service to sustain building performance and reduce the incidence and costs of equipment failures and repairs.
  4. Our service technicians have extensive experience with many types of controls and HVAC systems.
  5. All service technicians are fitted out with service vehicles and equipment to facilitate immediate on-site response.
  6. We offer remote dial-in/ADSL support and on-site attendance 24 hours 365 days a year.
  7. We offer a comprehensive range of virtual monitoring, technical maintenance, energy efficiency and operational support services including:
    • Training;
    • Upgrade notification and installation for hardware and software;
    • Database backups;
    • Software configuration;
    • Routine re-calibration;
    • Energy audits, remote energy monitoring and performance contracting;
    • Recommissioning and retrofits on existing systems;
    • Emergency repairs;
    • Environmental management systems for carparks.