Prophet 2.0 is the next generation of User Interaction, Advanced Data Analytics and Cutting-edge Technology integrated into the Niagara environment. Built with an open architecture, Prophet has the flexibility to embrace the community and allow for the development of 3rd party components and plug-ins to be shared amongst the industry experts.

Prophet is a single unified environment that brings together all aspects of deploying a successful job efficiently and includes engineering components, user management, navigation builder, data modeling, and dashboard designer. These tools in your hands allow to easily build a fully functioning intelligent user interface to accurately model and interact with your building systems.

Key Features
User Management
Exposing and extending the Niagara user management into the Prophet environment you are able to expedite your engineering process by creating new users, managing user permissions and associating pre-built navigation files to one or a group of users.

Navigation Builder
Prophet 2.0 features a native Navigation Builder tool that allows you to create user navigation within the Prophet interface. Build custom “Nav” files with simple drag and drop interaction, preview the views before adding them to the navigation and associate them with users or a group of users all this in a matter of minutes.

Data Modeling
Organize your data in a logical hierarchy, by campus, building, floor, room, equipment and so forth. This allows for data aggregation and normalization, and the ability to roll information up the tree to see metrics on the global scale, for example real time energy consumption of the entire Campus. Assign meaningful tags to accurately represent the pertinent information and enable dynamic search.

Dashboard Designer
Create stunning graphs and charts utilizing the built in Widget Library. Panel docking assures a beautiful layout every time; if you are feeling creative utilize the absolute layout container which allows for complete customization and layering. All visual aspects such as colors, fonts, transparency and many others can be adjusted to fit the unique requirements of any project.

Flash Graphics Builder
Build spectacular Flash Graphics in minutes. Prophet drag and drop interaction allows you to utilize any built in or 3rd party graphics library or your personal PNG images to compile crisp interactive components such as HVAC equipment, floor plans, life-like server room layouts and so on. Save your graphics as widgets with data driven dynamic properties for easy deployment to multiple projects.

Advanced Analytics
Intelligent Global Formulas – while what they actually do is quite complex, the concept is very simple. Once you define a formula, Prophet will automatically look for all the available variables under any given node and if they are present, Prophet will execute this formula and display the result as an available metric. In other words if you have a node with KW without Prophet Analytics enabled you will only see the KW; if you enable Prophet analytics, you will have various metrics derived from KW such as: KWH, Emissions Information, Billing Power, etc. in that same node. Now apply that on the Global scale to your entire project... global configuration means that if a change must be made to the formula, you do it once and it is applied automatically throughout the system on both real-time and historic values, you get the picture.

The Built in Rates Modeling Engine allows you to plug in rates from your utility provider and accurately calculate real time and historic costs. Now you have the power to actually see real-time financial impact on your facility if you turn off the lights 15min earlier than you normally would. Create what-if scenarios by plugging in various rates to analyze the differences and optimize the facility’s efficiency while reducing total cost of operations.


Prophet Suite